Pretty Little Mermaid 2 – 1 Bookmark and Card Kit


This cute little card was an easy stitch and took no time at all to finish. It looks really cool and can be used as a bookmark or turned into a card for a birthday or other event as the card is blank inside.

You can secure the mermaid inside the slot using double-sided tape and the same with the inside of the card if you want to make it into a bookmark. Or you can slot the stitch into the front and take it out to see the full length stitch.

The kit was a free gift with Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine April 2018 Issue 240.



Mother’s Day – Needle Case

I have to be honest I’ve been stitching this for some time now. I get easily distracted by new magazines with designs that grab me or I buy a new kit in the sales and start it straight away. So my work in progress pile is getting quite untidy and my new year’s resolution was to get it under control.

So this Mother’s Day I will finally give my mum the needle case she wanted a couple of years ago, only it’s in kit form as I don’t know how to use her sewing machine!

I gave it to her early and she laughed and said ‘aren’t you supposed to finish it’. To which I replied ‘people spend a lot of money on buying crafting kits and I made you a personalised one’.

Besides the plus side to her finishing it off herself is that she gets to make it to the size she wants. She can sew the cross stitch design onto a bigger piece of fabric or use it as the front and attach fabric to the back to make a pencil-case size case.

I think she’s going to use it to hold her crochet needles once it’s finished. We have some black felt left over from the cushion we made, which I originally brought to make this case and a work in progress case for my cross stitch.  At least I finished one of them!

I chose to go off piste a bit by making a red background and using my own colour scheme but the design is from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine March 2016 Issue 213. The zip is 8″ from the local material warehouse where I brought the black felt to make the back of the case.

I’m sure it’ll look great when it’s completely finished! I’ll update the post when she’s done her bit.


Believe in Yourself – Tattoo Design


This pattern featured in CrossStitcher Magazine Issue 319 Summer 2017.

I saw this design and had to make a start on it straight away as I fell in love with it. The colours and the patterns are so vibrant it was a real pleasure seeing it come to life.

As I was making it I was wondering how best to display the finished design. I decided on getting some black felt and making it into a ‘cuddle cushion’ well that’s what I call it anyway. You know the small rectangular throw cushions you have on your bed that serve little purpose other than looking good?!

I laid the design on top of the felt and sewed around it so the back of the stitches would be protected when inserting the cushion. I sealed the edges to make a ‘bag’ and sewed a zip into one end to allow for washing. Then I got an old pillow,  washed and dried it then cut it down to size, sewed the end and hey presto. I made something new from something old!

I was really happy with how it came out and love being able to see it everyday. But most of all I love the messages it conveys. Some of the most important things to remember Love, Luck, Hope, Trust and belief in yourself!

Heart Necklace


This was a free gift with Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine Issue 226 March 2017.

Inside the magazine there were a couple of design options but I chose the blue bird as my Grandad has a blue Parrotlet called Daisy. I made the necklace for my little cousin who is 6 as she likes jewellery.

I find it quite challenging stitching on wooden board as it’s hard to get the needle through the holes, especially when you are performing a second stitch. I managed to give myself a very sore finger pressing down on the needle to pass it through the holes and ended up snapping one of the cheap needles I had!

The finished project looked good though so it was worth a little pain!

Home Sweet Home


This was a free gift from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine Issue 218 August 2016.

I made a slight change to the colour as I hate green so I finished my design off with silver instead and added a length of ribbon to hang the design on my unit.

Having amassed quite a collection of Cross Stitch magazines and free gifts I decided it was best to sort through them all and make a start on the ones I like. The ones I knew I wouldn’t make were donated to the charity shop in the hope that someone would get some enjoyment out of them.

Having a clear out meant I created more room for future projects as they come up!

Engagement Card


I made this card from a design I found in Samplers Cross Stitch Favourites Spring 2016. I had brought a card from a shop but it disappeared the night before the party so I had to make my own.

I used the thread I already had in my sewing box which was slightly different from the colour scheme of the original design but it is mostly the same.

I just managed to finish it about 15 minutes before I was due to get dressed to leave the house!

In the end I think it turned out better as now they have a personalised reminder of their engagement rather than a shop brought one.

Stitching Onto Fabric

I’ve always wondered about stitching onto fabric using soluble Aida so I thought I would give it a try.

My sister does a lot of baking and I wanted to do her a kitchen themed cross stitch I’d seen in a magazine but she said she didn’t want any craft stuff. So I thought I would get an apron and stitch her name onto the pocket.

She loves red and I managed to find a plain beige cotton apron almost like evenweave with red trim in Dunelm which I thought would be perfect.


I tacked the plastic Aida onto the pocket, where I could still get my hand inside to stitch comfortably.

I then found some nice decorative lettering from Cross Stitch Crazy Issue 210 which I thought would look very smart.

It wasn’t an easy task stitching onto the fabric as the plastic kept moving and I was losing track of where I was but eventually I managed to get the design finished.


Then I had to dissolve the plastic which meant boiling a kettle of water and pouring it over the design I had laid in a bowl. It took a couple of goes to make sure the plastic was all gone but in the end it all worked out.


All there was left to do was dry and iron the apron before wrapping it for my sister’s birthday.

She liked the finish product but I forgot to take a picture of it! She didn’t believe it was cross stitch as the design I’d chosen was more back-stitch than actual crosses but I think it all came out well in the end.

I satisfied a curiosity for using plastic soluble stitching but I don’t know if I would use it again. It was difficult stitching on an enclosed area like the pouch of the apron and the design would have looked better more central, but there was the issue of being able to get my hand inside to make the stitches.

I think everyone should try it at least once just to get an idea of what it’s like. It is fun watching the backing disappear and seeing your design form part of something new.