Birthday Card

I like to make personalised birthday cards for people who are special to me. This year my friend turned 26 and I found in Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine Issue 213 March 2016 a selection of sport related designs.

I chose a football shirt for the team we both support, our team Captain’s number being 26 and known as the ‘Legend’ hence the title, together with a cricket bat and basketball hoop for his other sporting interests. I personalised the shirt a bit from the original design but most of it stayed true to the magazine.

He liked the finished article and I like to make him smile so we were both happy! I just wish I’d made the spacing equal on the designs!




Happy Diwali

So next week is Diwali and I wanted to make a card for my friend. Normally I just find a gif and message him a greeting but this year I was in the mood for something a little more personal.

I did a google search and came across a design I liked on Pinterest so I set to work on designing a colour theme. As he is Indian and I’m English I did the border in our two flags colours, sadly both of which contain white so I lost a little of the design but I still like the way it came out.

I realised at the end I should have done the bottom border the same as the top instead of doing a mirror image as I represented the Indian flag upside down which isn’t very lucky!

As Diwali is the festival of lights I found a pack of battery operated tea lights in the pound shop and brought them to send with the card. I think it adds a little something special to the finished design and I hope come next week when he opens it he will enjoy it.

To everyone celebrating next week may the Diwali lights bless you with health, love and prosperity this year and always.


Birthday Cards

A friend of mine mentioned some of her friends might be interested in unique designs, so I thought birthday cards would be a good way of show casing this. I had two special September birthday’s coming up and some ideas of designs for birthday cards so I thought I would give it a go.

The first was for my very special friend who was turning 25. I could see his name written in balloons tied to a table weight so I tried to recreate it as best as I could in stitching.


I don’t think I did too bad a job! I need to think more about spacing out the design to make it look better. I really like the colour scheme, I think it works well together. Maybe I need to work a bit more on getting the shaping of the balloons more uniform. But all in all I was pretty happy with the design.

Then it was on to my cousin’s little girl who turned 5 this week. My first attempt was to create a cupcake with a silver 5 candle coming out the top and a sign saying off to school. But I couldn’t for the life of me make the design for a cupcake to look like a cupcake. I didn’t want to cheat and look in a magazine as I wanted it to be all my own work. So onto idea number 2!

Whilst walking in the park a little while ago I had a vision of seeing the letters falling down a slide and as she is still young I thought I would give it a try. I also wanted to incorporate the fact she is starting school somehow.


It wasn’t easy to recreate a slide and figure out how to set the lettering. I could draw it easily in bubble letters on a piece of paper but translating that into stitching was hard. I had a look at her new school colours online but couldn’t see any mention of a book bag but went with it anyway.

It was funny picking her up from school and seeing her coming out with her yellow trimmed in brown book bag. I wished again, I had spaced it a bit better as it sort of looks disjointed. I’m pretty happy with the way the slide came out, although getting the stairs to look right was tough. I think it needed the stretch of grass to set it off nicely.

Both were very happy with their designs. I was happy, pretty much, with what I made although I would like to be able to make them look a bit more professional. All in all I don’t think they were bad first attempts at stitching birthday cards.


Ideas For Designs…

I was walking around where I live the other day and decided to take in a circuit of the park. The children’s play area was deserted so I went to have a look at toys.

The slide and the tractor climbing frame drew my attention straight away and I took some photos on my phone of the shapes.

On the walk back I was buzzing full of ideas of how I could use different types of lettering to work with these shapes.

I came home, took out a drawing pad and started to pencil out the designs I was playing over in my head to make them into something a little more rounded so that I didn’t forget them.

It was quite exciting taking something so simple and using it to spark the imagination.

I want to try to master the art of getting the design in 3D as I’m not great at drawing. In the past stitching the design then working it out from there and drawing it up after has helped so I could try that.

I’m thinking that some of the ideas I had would work well as a birthday card and one was more for a name sampler as it would be too big for a card I felt.

I brought a pack of blank cards and envelopes in one of the pound shops so I have everything I need to start working out the designs.

My aim when I have a couple finished is to photograph them and send them into the magazine I entered the competition with as they had asked to see more of my work.

Who knows, they might like what I create and decide to feature it in the magazine again. That would be nice!

Nice Surprise…

I received a package completely out of the blue containing a piece of beige Aida. I thought it was strange as I already have a large quantity of this and was worried that I had placed an order by mistake.

It wasn’t until  opened it fully that I noticed in the middle was a letter from the magazine that I entered the Queen’s Birthday bunting competition with.

It was thanking me for my entry and hard work in researching the project and asking if I have any other designs as they would be interested in seeing some photos.

It was a big shock and I was really pleased. As it was only my first time in designing something from scratch I don’t have anything else completely new, but on my walk this week I did come up with a few ideas for when I clear all my current projects.

It has filled me with more confidence that maybe I do know what I am doing and more determination to figure out how to use cross stitch software to make my life a little easier!

The Queen’s 90th Birthday

I saw a competition in Cross Stitcher magazine to design a piece of bunting to mark the Queens 90th Birthday.

I’d never designed a pattern from scratch before so the idea intrigued me. I sat and thought about what I would like to put on my design that made me think of the Queen.

When I think of the Queen I think of her crown’s and I remembered seeing one with purple silk inside it so I googled pictures of it and found it was the Imperial State Crown that I was thinking of.

I wanted that to be the centre piece of my design but soon found it was not so easy to create a design from scratch. After a failed attempt at drawing out my idea I made a mock-up cross stitch following along the lines of the photo to see what worked and what didn’t.

Once I was happy I had the outline worked out I started on the finished design. I now had a piece of bunting with a crown in the middle and I was pretty happy with it.

Then I thought of the Queen’s Emblem the E R II with the crown on top. As I already had a crown I stitched the E R II and 90 at the bottom of the bunting.

I wanted the Union Jack or Union Flag if you prefer to featured so I centred this above the crown and added the dates either side to mark the 90 years.

It looked like it needed something to finish it off so I added a string of red, white and blue bunting across the top and I was done.

Queens 90th Birthday Bunting

I don’t think it looked bad in the end, certainly not for a complete design beginner. There are a couple of elements I would like to perfect on the lettering and numbering, maybe on the spacing and content too but that will come with practice.

Here it is (botom right hand corner) on Page 48 of Cross Stitcher Magazine Issue 306.

Cross Stitcher Magazine 306