About Me

Hi I’m Charlie and I enjoy cross stitching. I first started when I was a young teen, it was popular at the time to stitch Disney cushions and I got brought some kits for Xmas which I had fun making.

I hadn’t touched cross stitch for years until a good friend suggested I find a hobby to help with my depression. She suggested cross stitch and I remembered how much I used to enjoy it so I searched online to see if anything looked like fun to make.

In my first session I brought 4 counted cross stitch kits – a small owl called Zoe (it’s my sisters name), a Live, Love, Laugh picture, a London sampler and a winter Houses of Parliament scene. That was 2 years ago, I haven’t finished the Houses of Parliament yet as I keep getting disturbed by other fun projects.

I’ve got quite a stash of counted cross stitch kits waiting to be done, a magazine subscription and countless other magazines filling my wardrobe, a box full of coloured skeins and 3 packs of coloured Aida to keep me busy.

My brothers girlfriend is my cross stitch buddy; she is always excited to see what I’ve brought and likes to trawl through my magazines. I brought her a cross stitch stash for her birthday so she is all set now to make her own creations!

My first big project was a Mr Men and Little Miss A, B, C chart for my cousins little girl who was 3 at the time, she still loves it and has started reading the Mr Men books.

I then embarked on a Advent Calender for her that I saw in a magazine but it only went up to the 24th so I made my own patch for the 25th and made it a big bigger than the others so it takes 3 sweets instead. She loved it and her parents were jealous they didn’t have one of their own!

For my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary this year I combined elements from a number of cross stitch patterns I liked, to make a sampler that included all the family along with a few personal items. It was nice to make something unique for them and I enjoyed shopping for the colours to make the design, although I had no idea how much I would need of anything.

I drew the design on A4 sheets of squared paper and it was about 6 pages stuck together which made a nice neat A4 sized sampler by the end.  It’s now on the shelf in the lounge in pride of place.

I recently entered a competition in a magazine to design a piece of bunting for the Queens 90th Birthday and although I didn’t win I was excited to see my design photographed with a few other entries on the very next page. It was my first attempt at a complete design from scratch and it was nice to be added as a special mention.

My last completed project was a name plate for one of my oldest friends to welcome her new baby Barney into the world. He has an older sister called Lettie and I didn’t want her to feel left out so I stitched her a name plate too. I heard from my friend today and she loved them.

Entering into the world of designing my own pattern started to fuel my imagination and it is definitely something I would like to explore more in the future. A few people have told me that I should sell my work and that there is a market for name plates and advent calendars. People like unique hand-made work and are prepared to pay for something a bit special that isn’t readily available.

I find cross stitch relaxing and enjoyable so it would be nice to turn it into something I could do more often. I like to see people’s reaction when you create something special for them, it really makes all the hours worthwhile.

Didn’t someone once say if you can combine something you love into your job you’ll never have to work a day in your life?!

Seeing as most of the people around me aren’t as excited by cross stitch as I am I thought I would start a blog to show off what I have made. Hopefully I’ll even be able to start talking about how I made my own designs in the near future!