Mother’s Day – Needle Case

I have to be honest I’ve been stitching this for some time now. I get easily distracted by new magazines with designs that grab me or I buy a new kit in the sales and start it straight away. So my work in progress pile is getting quite untidy and my new year’s resolution was to get it under control.

So this Mother’s Day I will finally give my mum the needle case she wanted a couple of years ago, only it’s in kit form as I don’t know how to use her sewing machine!

I gave it to her early and she laughed and said ‘aren’t you supposed to finish it’. To which I replied ‘people spend a lot of money on buying crafting kits and I made you a personalised one’.

Besides the plus side to her finishing it off herself is that she gets to make it to the size she wants. She can sew the cross stitch design onto a bigger piece of fabric or use it as the front and attach fabric to the back to make a pencil-case size case.

I think she’s going to use it to hold her crochet needles once it’s finished. We have some black felt left over from the cushion we made, which I originally brought to make this case and a work in progress case for my cross stitch.  At least I finished one of them!

I chose to go off piste a bit by making a red background and using my own colour scheme but the design is from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine March 2016 Issue 213. The zip is 8″ from the local material warehouse where I brought the black felt to make the back of the case.

I’m sure it’ll look great when it’s completely finished! I’ll update the post when she’s done her bit.



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