Believe in Yourself – Tattoo Design


This pattern featured in CrossStitcher Magazine Issue 319 Summer 2017.

I saw this design and had to make a start on it straight away as I fell in love with it. The colours and the patterns are so vibrant it was a real pleasure seeing it come to life.

As I was making it I was wondering how best to display the finished design. I decided on getting some black felt and making it into a ‘cuddle cushion’ well that’s what I call it anyway. You know the small rectangular throw cushions you have on your bed that serve little purpose other than looking good?!

I laid the design on top of the felt and sewed around it so the back of the stitches would be protected when inserting the cushion. I sealed the edges to make a ‘bag’ and sewed a zip into one end to allow for washing. Then I got an old pillow,  washed and dried it then cut it down to size, sewed the end and hey presto. I made something new from something old!

I was really happy with how it came out and love being able to see it everyday. But most of all I love the messages it conveys. Some of the most important things to remember Love, Luck, Hope, Trust and belief in yourself!


Heart Necklace


This was a free gift with Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine Issue 226 March 2017.

Inside the magazine there were a couple of design options but I chose the blue bird as my Grandad has a blue Parrotlet called Daisy. I made the necklace for my little cousin who is 6 as she likes jewellery.

I find it quite challenging stitching on wooden board as it’s hard to get the needle through the holes, especially when you are performing a second stitch. I managed to give myself a very sore finger pressing down on the needle to pass it through the holes and ended up snapping one of the cheap needles I had!

The finished project looked good though so it was worth a little pain!

Home Sweet Home


This was a free gift from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine Issue 218 August 2016.

I made a slight change to the colour as I hate green so I finished my design off with silver instead and added a length of ribbon to hang the design on my unit.

Having amassed quite a collection of Cross Stitch magazines and free gifts I decided it was best to sort through them all and make a start on the ones I like. The ones I knew I wouldn’t make were donated to the charity shop in the hope that someone would get some enjoyment out of them.

Having a clear out meant I created more room for future projects as they come up!

Birthday Card

I like to make personalised birthday cards for people who are special to me. This year my friend turned 26 and I found in Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine Issue 213 March 2016 a selection of sport related designs.

I chose a football shirt for the team we both support, our team Captain’s number being 26 and known as the ‘Legend’ hence the title, together with a cricket bat and basketball hoop for his other sporting interests. I personalised the shirt a bit from the original design but most of it stayed true to the magazine.

He liked the finished article and I like to make him smile so we were both happy! I just wish I’d made the spacing equal on the designs!



Happy Diwali

So next week is Diwali and I wanted to make a card for my friend. Normally I just find a gif and message him a greeting but this year I was in the mood for something a little more personal.

I did a google search and came across a design I liked on Pinterest so I set to work on designing a colour theme. As he is Indian and I’m English I did the border in our two flags colours, sadly both of which contain white so I lost a little of the design but I still like the way it came out.

I realised at the end I should have done the bottom border the same as the top instead of doing a mirror image as I represented the Indian flag upside down which isn’t very lucky!

As Diwali is the festival of lights I found a pack of battery operated tea lights in the pound shop and brought them to send with the card. I think it adds a little something special to the finished design and I hope come next week when he opens it he will enjoy it.

To everyone celebrating next week may the Diwali lights bless you with health, love and prosperity this year and always.