Christmas Advent Calender

I saw this design in a magazine and wanted to make one for my cousin’s little girl. I showed it to my brother’s girlfriend and she started making one for her relative so we raced each other to finish.


It wasn’t easy to find the right material and it would help if the magazine gave you some idea of how to put it all together. Luckily my Mum is a dab hand at sewing so we both left her to sew the designs together and we just made the patches.

I over sewed the ends of the stitching to top it from fraying as I didn’t want it to unravel. I also added a 25th day at the very top, big enough to put in 3 mini chocolate figures as I like a 25 day advent calendar. I had a mixture of sweets in the pockets and she loved it. Her Mum and Dad wanted their own versions and were very jealous!

If you want to make your own advent calendar you can find the design in Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine November 2015.


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