Special Design For My Nan

I have been working on pulling together a design for my Nan for a little while now. I kept seeing cute elements in various magazines and I wanted to pull them all together to make a really special design.

My Nan has Alzheimer’s and as such her memory is falling very quickly. She doesn’t remember where we have been and doesn’t always know who we are so I started with putting us all on the design. From the top left is my Mum, Me, My Sister and Brother with my Nan and Grandad in the middle.

Then I wanted to do the travel tags of all the places we had been together on holidays. New York was a special one as they took me there for my 21st birthday.

Then we got to the point where she started to give up eating and drinking so I added in some encouragement as I had read in the Dementia book that was good.

Next I saw some London designs and thought it needed a touch of her home town. She used to travel on buses and trains all the time but doesn’t get about as much anymore.

Lastly I added a strip of flowers to give it a touch of colour and outdoors about it.



I was pretty happy with the way it all came out in the end. I tried hard to get the spacing equal but it was my nemesis yet again!

I have put together a list of the magazines where I got the elements from in case anyone wants to use them in their own work:

Samplers Cross Stitch Favourites Spring 2016 – People

Cross Stitcher Magazine June 2016 – Travel Tags

Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine August 2016 – Lettering

Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine October 2015 – London Roundel and Bus

Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine July 2016 – Flowers


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