Current Projects…

Ok so lets see. I get so scatter brained at times with all my current projects, as shiny new magazines appear with exciting designs that are perfect for something coming up, I end up getting side tracked.

I currently have to finish a crochet needle bag for my Mum and the ‘Birdcage’ art deco design. They were both supposed to be Mother’s Day presents (which was in March) so I’m only a little bit past that deadline! She has seen both works in progress so she knows they are almost there. I’m about half way through on the needle bag and I’m finishing the accentuation on the woman and need to finish the birdcage for the art deco design.

I’m also working on a winter scene of the Houses of Parliament, which if I’m honest I started years ago and it got put on hold until I completed a Mr Men A-Z, a winter chalk board design and an advent calendar. I’m finishing the bottom half of the design off now. I realised that somewhere along the lines when I was more inexperienced, I managed to make a couple of errors and although the design will look fine in the end it is taking more time to complete.

That brings me to my most recent starter. I couldn’t think what to get my Nan for her birthday so I decided to buy a frame and knock up a design following something I had seen in a magazine. The pattern is for a house with people in the doors and windows. As I started it on the 18th June and her birthday is the 23rd June I knew I wouldn’t complete the house so I put one of each family member in the corner and stitched my Nan and Grandad in the middle. Only I had to change 4 of the plans to look more like us. I now have most of the people complete, just finishing Grandad and then I have to work out how to fill the rest of the space. I’m thinking travel tags from places she has been and flowers to brighten it up.

As she has Alzheimer’s Dementia I wanted to help her remember us, she hasn’t forgotten us yet but she gets a bit confused with names. I thought having this in front of her might help. I did buy her a small present to open on the day and I hope to have the design finished for when I see her this weekend. Fingers crossed! I’ll post a picture when I am done.

I think that is pretty much everything I’m currently working on. I’ve made a pact with myself that I won’t start anything new until I have finished what I’m working on so I can start a fresh.

I brought a sewing machine bag in Hobby Craft to organise all my magazines and cross stitch kits that I have in my wardrobe so hopefully that will help to organise me a bit. I know I have quite a few freebie kits from magazines and a few that I have brought in the sales that are waiting for me. Together with post it marked designs in numerous magazines so I know I’m not going to get bored anytime soon!

I can’t be the only one who is disorganised with their stitching and flits about between designs!


4 thoughts on “Current Projects…

  1. I’m exactly the same! It’s never very helpful when all my favourite stitching magazines come with really cute free kits… 🙂 Looking forward to seeing some pictures!


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