Nice Surprise…

I received a package completely out of the blue containing a piece of beige Aida. I thought it was strange as I already have a large quantity of this and was worried that I had placed an order by mistake.

It wasn’t until  opened it fully that I noticed in the middle was a letter from the magazine that I entered the Queen’s Birthday bunting competition with.

It was thanking me for my entry and hard work in researching the project and asking if I have any other designs as they would be interested in seeing some photos.

It was a big shock and I was really pleased. As it was only my first time in designing something from scratch I don’t have anything else completely new, but on my walk this week I did come up with a few ideas for when I clear all my current projects.

It has filled me with more confidence that maybe I do know what I am doing and more determination to figure out how to use cross stitch software to make my life a little easier!


2 thoughts on “Nice Surprise…

  1. Congratulations Charlie! They must really love your work. I don’t know much about using cross stitch software, I generally draw a design on graph paper, colour in the squares (if I’m using multiple colours) and follow it while I stitch. And I do make changes along the way. Start stitching take some photos and send them to the magazine. I’m sure you’ll do well.


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