Name Plates for Kids…

One of my oldest friends recently had a baby boy to add to their little girl who is now 3 (I think). Being a subscriber to Cross Stitch Crazy and buying odd (let’s be honest, pretty much monthly) copies of other Cross Stitch magazines I have come across lots of lovely designs for letters that would suit children’s projects.

I had in particular seen one that was suitable for a boy so I was hoping she would have a little boy, not only as we had been teasing her about it for months but I would also get chance to stitch the design.

As soon as I heard about the new arrival I set to work on stitching the name plate for her little girl, Lettie as I didn’t want her to feel left out. I know sometimes people send lots of presents for the new baby but I normally try to make sure others feel included.

I trawled through every magazine and sampler set I had until I narrowed down a selection of 3 types of lettering I liked, finally settling on sweet and ice cream themed letters as I thought this would have more longevity as she got older.

I brought a batch of cream coloured Aida in a sale in Hobby Craft that I hadn’t got around to opening and as I have a sewing box full of skeins I was ready to start. I managed to find almost every colour exactly from the chart and where I was missing I just used what I had that would match. I used some silver thread for the accentuating as I thought that would set it off nicely.


I took the lettering from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine June 2016 Issue 216 Page 74.

Just as I was finishing the project my friend told me they had named her son Barnaby or Barney for short so I could now start on his name plate.

I dug out the magazine from my pile and found the train themed lettering that I had been waiting to use. I used the same Aida as I had for Lettie and picked the skeins from what I already had.

Instead of following the colour scheme for each letter as I had with Lettie, I decided for Barney I would rotate 3 colours in order. The letters were all mostly the same colour in the pattern with a couple of odd colours so I liked the idea of sticking to 3 colours and I think it made it look even better. I wish I’d have picked 3 vibrant colours and done that with Lettie to make it stand out a little more.


I took the lettering for Barney from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine August 2015 Issue 205.

Once I had them finished I wanted to get frames for them so they could be hung on the wall. I wanted something quite narrow in either white or plain wood so that it would fit in with most colour schemes, not having seen the children’s bedrooms.

I searched a few shops and then trawled online looking for frames but everything was too big and would mean having big mounts inside the frame which made it look pointless.

I did a Google search and came across a company called eFRAME which made frames to order. They sell the frames at a discount if you order 2 or more of the same size, but sadly Barney was longer than Lettie, although they were the same depth so I needed to have two different frames made.

L&B Framed

I was really happy with the finished product. I had to make a mount from some thick beige paper to go on the inside as the width was the minimum that they could make but I think it looks good.

I posted them off to my friend without her knowing anything about them and she loved them. She said there were better than anything you can get online so I was really pleased. I got lovely thank you cards from her and her parents thanking me for my kindness. But in truth it was a pleasure to make them and it helps me relax so I don’t see it as a chore at all!


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