The Queen’s 90th Birthday

I saw a competition in Cross Stitcher magazine to design a piece of bunting to mark the Queens 90th Birthday.

I’d never designed a pattern from scratch before so the idea intrigued me. I sat and thought about what I would like to put on my design that made me think of the Queen.

When I think of the Queen I think of her crown’s and I remembered seeing one with purple silk inside it so I googled pictures of it and found it was the Imperial State Crown that I was thinking of.

I wanted that to be the centre piece of my design but soon found it was not so easy to create a design from scratch. After a failed attempt at drawing out my idea I made a mock-up cross stitch following along the lines of the photo to see what worked and what didn’t.

Once I was happy I had the outline worked out I started on the finished design. I now had a piece of bunting with a crown in the middle and I was pretty happy with it.

Then I thought of the Queen’s Emblem the E R II with the crown on top. As I already had a crown I stitched the E R II and 90 at the bottom of the bunting.

I wanted the Union Jack or Union Flag if you prefer to featured so I centred this above the crown and added the dates either side to mark the 90 years.

It looked like it needed something to finish it off so I added a string of red, white and blue bunting across the top and I was done.

Queens 90th Birthday Bunting

I don’t think it looked bad in the end, certainly not for a complete design beginner. There are a couple of elements I would like to perfect on the lettering and numbering, maybe on the spacing and content too but that will come with practice.

Here it is (botom right hand corner) on Page 48 of Cross Stitcher Magazine Issue 306.

Cross Stitcher Magazine 306


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